Roadway Safety And Security Guides

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Roadway Safety And Security Guides – Personal Safety When Traveling

If you are concerned about your personal safety while out and about when traveling here is a comprehensive, no-nonsense guide from 

GEM Motoring Assist, the leading UK driver based road safety association.

Think ahead

  • where possible traveling by day on major, well used roadways. Plan your path beforehand and also inspect that you have a current road map in the car so you will not require to request instructions
  • if you need to take a trip after dark, inform somebody your destination, your course and what time you expect to show up. If your strategies change, let them know
  • take your cellphone – and see to it that the batteries are billed before you triggered. Lug modification all the same – your phone might run out variety at an essential time
  • guarantee your cars and truck is serviced on a regular basis. Check petroleum, oil, coolant-level as well as tires, particularly before a lengthy trip. Lug petrol in a safety-approved canister
  • join a national failure company such as treasure Car Assist Breakdown Cover

While driving

  • harassment or actual attacks are unusual, yet they do happen. Planning can offer you a lot more self-confidence and also minimise the threat
  • keep the doors locked and also the home windows closed as high as possible, particularly in built up areas and stop-go traffic or when taking a trip alone
  • keep alert so you recognize where you are
  • keep in mind, exhaustion eliminates. Pause on long journeys
  • never get hitch walkers

Individual ownerships in your auto

  • keep your doors locked
  • NEVER leave prized possessions, such as bags or cellphones on the passenger seat – they
    could be ‘snagged’ at traffic lights
  • do not leave prized possessions in a parked auto

Car parking

  • NEVER leave your car unlocked, also on a garage forecourt when you most likely to spend for gas. Preferably use an immobiliser
  • select a safe place to park. Park in a well lit area where there are individuals around, especially if you don’t mean to go back to your car until night
  • if you park in a multi-storey parking lot select a room close to the departure and also ramp and away from columns. Reverse into placement to offer you a quick flee. Park close to the attendant if there is one
  • make sure you recognize exactly where you parked so you will certainly not have difficulty discovering your car
  • if you are a woman on your own, try not to market the fact. Put spare footwear, bags and so on right into the boot before leaving the automobile
  • consider what you would do if your bag was taken – keep your secrets, cash as well as mobile phone separately
  • ask a close friend or coworker to walk you to your auto if you really feel unsafe regarding your surroundings
  • when you return to your car, have your keys ready and also check the back seat (use a torch during the night) before you enter. Lock the doors as well as repel immediately

Taking Care Of Dangerous Circumstances

  • if you can see or end up being associated with an incident avoid getting involved in a disagreement with the other events
  • if you are confronted with ‘road rage’ do not leave the car; maintain your windows up as well as your cars and truck locked
  • if your cars and truck begins to ‘accentuate’, stop in an active, well-lit area, preferably near a phone box, if you do not have a smart phone. Obtain help immediately by calling your car organisation or garage. If you really feel susceptible and also in need of special focus, inform the recovery helpline driver
  • NEVER give lifts to strangers. If you see an accident or one more vehicle driver in difficulty do not stop. Telephone the Police immediately as well as report what you have actually seen
  • if an auto brings up alongside or behind you as well as the passengers attempt to attract your interest it may be an authentic warning. However, keep your doors secured and drive to a busy place such as a solution area or garage forecourt prior to stopping. Also after that maintain your doors secured until you are positive there is no danger
  • if someone in a cars and truck is deliberately attempting to intimidate you, or if you believe a vehicle is following you, maintain driving until you reach a hectic, public place, such as a Cops, Fire or Ambulance terminal, bar or garage forecourt
  • if a cars and truck travels together with you at the very same rate, slow down and also allow them to pass. If the driver persists, drive to an active, public location and make use of a public or mobile phone to call the Police
  • if an automobile pulls in front of you and also pressures you to quit, leave the engine running. If the chauffeur, or traveler after that gets out and approaches you, turn on your hazard lights, reverse as for you can and also seem your horn constantly, whatever time it is
  • if the resident of an auto close to you at traffic control or a joint tries to attract your focus just overlook them. Do not make eye contact.

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